Commissions are open!

Yes, you read it right: commissions are open!

I'm open to Art Commissions and I'm so excited to hear from you!

If you want to have a paint of your family, pet or your beloved with an unique and special style, here is where we can make things happen!
So don't esitate, write me and tell me all about your visual ideas so I can realize the best Art piece for you! 


First of all let's start from your needs: what do you want?
A linear drawing, a drawing with light and shadows or a complete painting?
Sketch from 50 euro 

A sketch/draw/character commission can be in black and white or with some basic colors. Different techniques are possible: pencil, pen, digital.
Background is there in the digital option. 

Additional character is 20 
pencil draw Linear draw
Portrait from 100 euro

A portrait/bust commission crops the character around the shoulder/chest area depending on the individual character.
A simple background themed to the character comes with a portrait commission.

Additional character is 30 
oil portrait couple portrait father and son portrait 

DO'S   &   DON'T

  • human characters
  • couples of any gender
  • fanart
  • animals
  • babies
  • fantasy characters
  • hateful art
  • pornography
  • imitate other art styles
  • hyperrealism



Contact me!