Ciao everyone! I'm Leonora!

Ciao everyone! I'm Leonora!

Ciao everyone! I'm Leonora!
I am so happy to have you here in my shop!
I'm an Italian artist :)

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Actually, I'm a lot more than that, but let's start from my art career!
I was born in Italy and I studied at the "Liceo Artistico U. Boccioni" in Milan, where I organized exposition with other students and I took part in workshops and laboratories. 

But I've always had more than one interest!

I was also always interested in dance and music; fun story my parents were both teachers, art and music teacher! So of course I have always pursued both passions and in fact over the years I have become a DJ.
Graduated in Painting at the "Brera Academy of Fine Arts", Milan, I continued my studies under the New Technologies address of the Visual Arts department. Between the 2012/2013 academic year I participated in an Erasmus project in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. That year i had the opportunity to attend one of the most well equipped schools i have ever visited: Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool. There I followed the Fine Art course. 


I exhibited for the first time outside Italy at the collective exhibition "The Imaginary Beings - an Art, Music & Performance Fundraising Extravaganza". On October 8 2011, in Plymoth UK, I exhibited the work "Look from within".
In December 2012 I participated in the exhibition "the Visitor", at the Willem de Kooning with other Erasmus students, where I exhibited the prototype of the installation “Just Talk”. Subsequently in April 2013 I organized an event at the Gallery RR, Rotterdam, to record short movies for the same project.
In 2014 I graduated from the New Technologies course at the Brera Academy! The following year I began teaching Art in middle and high schools and I continued to develop my art.
Today I'm an Art teacher, illustrator, Dj and artist.
Ciao everyone!

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